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This Week @ Queen’s Park - May 15, 2020

  • The Government of Ontario has followed the advice of the OACP Traffic Committee and decided not to proceed with the new vehicle license plates which, under specific lighting conditions, had visibility issues due to glare. Going forward, the current white embossed licence plate will remain the standard plates.
  • The Ontario Legislature resumed on May 12 for its fourth emergency session, allowing MPPs to debate Bill 190, a new COVID-19 emergency bill designed to extend the Emergency Order until June 2.
  • The Financial Accountability Office (FAO) released its budget outlook report on May 12, projecting that the Ontario deficit is expected to quadruple to $41 billion in 2020-21 due to coronavirus costs – the largest deficit in the province’s history. You can read the full report here: here
  • The Office of the Independent Police Review Director indicated this week that it is making changes to its early resolution programs. We are awaiting details from the OIPRD.
  • The Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) and the OACP continue to urge the Government of Ontario to make payments at gas pumps mandatory, particularly in light of COVID-19. The OCSA notes that its members are starting to see more drive offs as people are home with less disposable income; mandating prepay will minimize the number of customers going into the store keeping in mind many gas sites are very small spaces and only customers wanting in store purchases would enter; prepay at the pumps would ensure less cash being handled by store clerks and customers would be more in tune with using either debit or credit cards; and employees and customers would be best served and protected if the majority of gas purchase in Ontario during the COVID-19 were conducted outside at each pump.
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