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RCMP Collaborate with OACP to Launch Pilot Project for Pre-Screening Certificate of Completion for Prospective Police Constable Applicants


Date: September 4, 2020

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has launched a provincial pilot in Ontario for applicants for the position of Police Constable with Canada’s national police service who require a certificate of completion at the pre-screening stage. TNT Justice Consultants is administering the certificate program on behalf of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the RCMP. This RCMP-specific certificate will be referred to as the “TNT certificate”.

TERMINOLOGY CLARITY: The OACP Certificate is a pre-screening certificate of completion that is required for most police organizations in Ontario in order to be eligible for the recruitment process. The OACP are the sole owners of the Constable Selection System within the Province of Ontario. The TNT Certificate is administered by TNT Justice Consultants, a third-party company, on behalf of the OACP and for the purpose of piloting the pre-screening testing for the RCMP in Ontario at this time. Please note that the TNT certificate will be representative of the RCMP piloting of the pre-screening certificate process for ONTARIO APPLICANTS ONLY. The title of the certificate, TNT Certificate, is for namesake purposes and it will highlight and differentiate the RCMP pilot for Ontario applicants. The OACP certificate will remain unchanged throughout this process.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS WHO REQUIRE A PRE-SCREENING CERTIFICATE AND HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY OBTAINED A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Please be advised that the RCMP will require a pre-screening certificate at the onset of the application process, in order to proceed throughout the recruitment process. The title of the certificate required for the RCMP pre-screening process for Ontario applicants only is called the “TNT Certificate”. The TNT Certificate will be issued to differentiate applicants who are applying to the RCMP in Ontario only, and who DO NOT have any previous certificate of completion at the pre-screening stage.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS WHO HAVE OBTAINED THE OACP CERTIFICATE: For all OACP certificate holders, please note the process in applying to the RCMP with the current OACP certificate is VALID and will be accepted as a certificate of completion. As a certificate holder, applicants will NOT be required to complete the certificate once again. The frequently asked questions below are specific to applicants who have obtained the OACP Certificate and are seeking employment with the RCMP.

Some benefits of the TNT Certificate for RCMP Applicants:

  • It takes on average 2 weeks to obtain a TNT Certificate for RCMP Applicants – much shorter than the current average processing time for the RCMP.
  • Application will be fast-tracked throughout the RCMP recruiting process.
  • Some of the in-person assessments will be completed online using a proctored system.
  • If applicants already have a valid OACP certificate, they can use this certificate to apply to the RCMP and other municipal police agencies listed on the OACP website (
  • The TNT Certificate for RCMP Applicants is valid for 18 months.

For more information, please contact:

CELL: 416-452-5450
OFFICE: 416-291-3830

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