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OACP Raises Concerns Over Political Reaction to Recent SIU Report

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) has welcomed the detailed Special Investigations Unit (SIU) report on the tragic death of an individual who fell from an apartment building after Toronto police officers were called to attend there by a number of people. The report is an example of a thorough, complete, and timely SIU investigation.

The OACP commended SIU Director Joseph Martino and his investigators for their sensitivity and timeliness in this important case, one that caused understandable concern for many members of Black and Indigenous communities across Ontario. Unfortunately, we also noted that some elected officials at Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill have used this SIU report to continue to attack the integrity of our police officers and dismiss the effectiveness of the police oversight system in Ontario.

While we respect the rights of individuals to disagree with the findings of an independent police oversight body, the questioning of the oversight system itself, and public blaming of the attending police officers, is not helpful in building public trust.

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