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Standing together to make a difference

Gearing up for Pride Month

June PRIDE Month is fast approaching and Serving With Pride (SWP) wants to get police services thinking about how they will celebrate. This year, in the absence of being able to plan or attend in-person events, SWP is issuing a challenge to all Canadian first responders and law enforcement (Police, Fire, CBSA, Corrections, Paramedics) – let’s light up social media with PRIDE and rainbows this June.

The challenge is this: Post photos or video greetings using the hashtag #servingwithpride during the month of June. Be sure to tag SWP accounts so that they can amplify your messages (Twitter: @LGBTQ911, Instagram: @servingwithpride, and Facebook: /servingwithpride).

The theme is open but some suggestions for messages include: “I serve with pride by.....” or “Pride month means...” or “I serve my LGBTQ2 community by...”.

Be creative, the sky is the limit!

To make things easier for police personnel, SWP has created “Challenge accepted!” graphics to promote acceptance to the challenge. There is sufficient white space in the graphics for police services to add their services crest.

Graphics have also been created for:

  • Twitter post,
  • Facebook post,
  • Instagram post and,
  • Instagram story (you can add a link to a webpage that your service has for LGBTQ2 or PRIDE month or link to when posting the story).

Please download graphics from the SWP website. For more information or questions about this challenge, email

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