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Do the Right Thing: Naloxone Kits for Police Personnel

Before anyone else, Ontario’s police leaders called the opioid crisis just that – a health crisis.  We have been proactive in educating and (in many cases) equipping our police officers with Naloxone kits. The OACP has been at the forefront of the crisis.

This week, our dogged advocacy for the Provincial Government to help fund Naloxone kits paid off as Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, and Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, were joined by Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health and Provincial Overdose Coordinator, and Dr. Dirk Huyer, Chief Coroner for Ontario, announced that the province will fund Naloxone kits and make it accessible to police and fire services which will help them assist people who may be experiencing an opioid overdose.

OACP President Chief Bryan Larkin welcomed the announcement. “Our police officers have been on the front-line from the start in dealing with the opioid crisis and worked closely with our government, health, and first responder partners. By making naloxone kits available to our officers, police personnel will be better equipped to save lives and protect themselves.” said Chief Larkin.

Highlights of the Bill include:

  • Police services will be eligible to receive naloxone kits as it will provide access to police officers or First Nations constables who may reasonably encounter a situation where a person has overdosed and may require naloxone;
  • Under the Ontario Naloxone Program, police services can provide access to municipal police officers, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers, and First Nations police constables; and
  • Under the Ontario Naloxone Program, police services cannot provide access to RCMP officers, Special Constables, Auxiliaries and Civilians.
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