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Defibrillators, Gas and Dash Issues

A jury has recommended that the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the province examine the feasibility of equipping all police vehicles with portable defibrillators. The issue has been looked at in the past by the OACP Education, Training, and Professional Development Committee. A number of concerns have been expressed about this type of requirement, including training, routine equipment inspection requirements, additional equipment for already crowed cruisers, liability concerns, and fiscal costs.

Click here for information on the legal case that resulted in the recommendation.

The Board of Directors will consult with the Coroner’s Office and consider this issue at a future Board meeting.

The Board is also going to revisit concerns with the on-going concerns over gas-and-dash incidents at gas stations.  This issue was considered by the Board of Directors in 2011, but was not acted on because of concerns about police leading on an issue where government action in consultation with the businesses involved might have been more appropriate.  Since the matter continues to be a concern, the Board will consider advocating for solutions that protect workers and the public.

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